The Business World is Transforming
  • By 2025 the worth of the Internet of Things will be $6.2 trillion.
  • The sharing economy will reach $330 billion by 2025.
  • For people starting their education, 65% will enter the workforce into jobs that don’t exist today.
  • The average tenure on the S&P 500 is dropping. Only 25% of the companies in 2012 will remain by 2023.
  • Automation and robotic usage will grow 2,000% from 2015-2030 amounting to $190 Billion market.
  • 86% of global CEO’s are championing digital transformation of their companies.
  • By 2025, half of world’s companies with revenues exceeding $1 billion will be headquartered in today’s emerging markets.
  • By 2018, the data created by the Internet of Things will reach 403 zettabytes a year.
  • By 2030 the population will be over 8 billion people and 50% of Global GDP growth will come 440 cities in emerging markets.
  • By 2030 more than 30% of workforce will be older than 55 in developed countries.
Deep Expertise

Deep Expertise

Why the MSS Business Transformation Institute?

The MSS Business Transformation Institute (MSSBTI) has been established to assist leaders to deliver substantial transformations and meaningful outcomes to their organizations by providing them and their teams the knowledge, the tools and the skills that the need to ensure their successful transformation.

The MSSBTI’s research, educational offering, and thought leadership platforms provide valuable resources for businesses seeking to transform their organizations to meet their business goals. By sharing our collective business transformation strategies and concepts, our experts help business leaders identify, clarify and prioritize their specific transformational needs

What Problem are We Solving?

The business environment is transforming exponentially and organizations need to adapt rapidly. Yet, businesses are rarely successful in meeting their transformational objectives.

The challenges of creating successful transformations are increasingly complex due to unprecedented volatility, growing uncertainty, escalating innovation, and unrelenting disruption in the business environment. To overcome this, leaders must build adaptive business operations and stable practices for their delivery; create greater inter-connectivity among employees and partners, build collaborative capabilities and emergent authority among their people; and explore new techniques, tools and technologies for their operations.To be successful with transformation, organizations must impact many if not all aspects of the business from the people to the systems to the technology while managing the risk and optimizing the rewards making substantial change.

Breakthrough business transformation requires new capabilities for large scale change that drive organizations beyond just “getting better at what it does now.” It position organization to respond to disruption, reduce time to execute and achieve successful change while reducing risk and achieving greater rewards.

To this end, MSSBTI offers:

  • Research explaining the transformational drivers and their impact on business
  • Events with world-class speakers providing cases to learn from their experiences
  • Education for leaders and their team to build the knowledge, learn the methods and incorporate the tools to successfully pursue business transformation.

Who is MSS?

MSS has honed its expertise in Business Transformation through 30 years of helping clients ranging from mid-market to Global 2000. To learn more about MSS Business Transformation Advisors, click here

Knowledge and Research

MSSBTI leverages the knowledge and expertise of globally recognized Business Transformation organizations to bring the very best research, tools and programs.

  • Gartner, Inc.: The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight necessary for its clients to make the right decisions, every day.
  • Prosci: The world’s leader in organizational change management research & training
  • APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center): The world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management.
  • GAP International: GAP has a worldwide reputation for partnering with executives and their organizations to deliver breakthrough results, for developing executives and their teams into powerful, effective and dynamic leaders, and for engaging leaders and teams at all levels to deliver outstanding results for their organizations.
  • Sociomapping: Recognized innovator for developing and measuring high-performance teams through the application of psychology and technology.
  • Terra Verde: Leading provider of cybersecurity and risk management solutions
  • Clair-Buoyant™ Leadership: The premier resource for in-depth educational courses, retreats, and coaching for: negotiation as a leadership competency; cross cultural communication; conflict management; and leadership skills development.
  • Impetus Solutions: Supporting business owners through CEO-focus peer groups, and tailored training and workshops

About MSS

MSS’ team is composed of individuals with deep expertise in the competencies of transformation. On average, our advisors have 15 to 20 years of experience driving breakthrough transformational outcomes as leaders and practitioners in a variety of industries. Not only can we facilitate your strategic approach, but we are ready to roll up our sleeves to get things done.


MSS BTI Contacts

  • Over 30 years of experience in management and information systems consulting services.
  • Founded MSS in 1986. As CEO and President at MSS, Mike is responsible for company policy, management practices and corporate development.
  • Under Mike, MSS has been well recognized locally and nationally by both Partners and Customers.

Mike Hawksworth

President & CEO

  • Global executive with experience developing business relationships in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East
  • Over 20 years of executive management experience in Fortune 500, mid-sized companies and start-ups.
  • Highly regarded facilitator, writer, and public speaker on topics including Business Transformation, Managing Complexity, Disruptive Innovation, and Organizational Change Management

David Lee

Executive Director

  • 2017 graduate of Arizona State University with a Master’s degree in Management and is entering the PhD program in fall 2017.
  • Worked with the Performance Based Studies Research Group where he consulted with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Neogard Corporation, the State of Utah, and ON Semiconductor
  • Authored/co-authored 5 publications in his undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Charles Zulanas

Content Advisor

  • Currently responsible for Prosci’s global business and strategic partnerships, Mark has over 25 years of experience as a global business leader, influencer, and corporate executive
  • Interacts with clients and partners around the globe to help them achieve greater results by applying change management
  • Works with partners and companies across more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and ASEAN

Mark Dorsett

Advisor - Organizational Change Management

  • Cyber Security expert and former Program Director for IT and Cyber Security at Grand Canyon University’s College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET)
  • Over 18 years of experience  including military service and employment in IT operations and management, consulting and education
  • Currently at Terra Verde Services providing sustainable cyber security, risk and compliance services and solutions to organizations across the globe

Romeo Farinacci, PhD

Advisor - Cyber Security

  • Experienced senior financial executive promoting organic growth, developing, financing, and implementing M&A strategies, plus initiatives for growth, expansion and re-engineering.
  • Global business experience including startups, orchestrating mergers, acquisitions, turn-arounds, carve-outs and divestitures
  • Has led M&A teams through LOI phase, closely-coordinated, due diligence, deal consummation and post-acquisition integration

Steve Uthoff, MBA, CPC

Advisor - Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Partner at Clair-Buoyant™ Leadership, LLC and Co-creator of Quantum Negotiation Certification programs
  • Emeritus faculty member of Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Focus on developing leadership behaviors for maximum personal and organizational impact
  • Experience in business and academic settings, including insurance, law, tourism, aquaculture, security studies, MBA education, and corporate learning

Karen S. Walch, PhD

Advisor - Exponential Leadership and Negotiation

  • CPA and accounting professional with a unique blend of departmental leadership, financial analysis, and project management.
  • Excels in process improvements and delivering a superior product to operations, while stabilizing overhead departments in the consulting industry.
  • Expert in creating an environment where the accounting department becomes a partner in reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Jack Trierweiler

CPA Controller

  • Highly experienced, motivated and successful Corporate Services Manager.
  • Responsible for continued implementation of new/innovative procedures resulting in company-wide efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Proven senior level skills leading contracts, corporate administration, marketing, IT support and services for over 20 years.

Susan Leonardo

Corporate Services Manager

  • 20+ years of marketing and communications experience with industry expertise in education, direct marketing, and software development
  • Responsible for MSSBTI event management, marketing communications, program operations support, corporate marketing and branding

Lori Aleman

Marketing Services